June 09, 2007

100 things about me.....

  1. I am a sister, daughter, aunt and friend

  2. I am a gadget lover

  3. Office supply stores, electronic stores and anything that sells gadgets….all of them make me giddy and my palms start to sweat just a little

  4. I wear glasses

  5. Losing my glasses and not being able to see….is one of my greatest fears

  6. I like some crafts but go in fits and starts with them

  7. I am just a lil obssesive sometimes
    (who me??)

  8. I am just a lil compulsive sometimes

  9. I deny both sometimes…..most times I am OK with it

  10. My name is Barbara Anne. If you call me that I’ll assume you’re mad at me. If you call me Barbie I’ll assume you hate me. I’m just Barb.

Part II

  1. I am Canadian

  2. I now live in Canada

  3. But that was not always the case……I have lived in the U.S. (New Orleans, NYC, Minneapolis), Switzerland, England and Sweden with intermittent stints in Canada

  4. I moved to where I am now 26 years ago to attend University… …and.I.have.never.left…(something about putting down roots late in life perhaps???)

  5. Who knows if that might change

  6. Since becoming an adult and moveing here 26 years agoI have been away from here for holidays…to whit…visiting family and friends within the country and the States….and I have been to Mexico (x2), Dominican, Cuba (x2) and Panama

  7. I love my down duvet…..actually my whole bed!!!

  8. I would be blissfully happy living in my shorts and sandals all year round if it were not for a little thing called………WINTER….ok 2 things……..SNOW!!!!

  9. I love sunshine but not hot, hot heat

  10. I love thunderstorm and lightning storms

Part III

  1. I had a lot of jobs as a babysitter when I was younger

  2. I believe that it's important when dealing with children of all ages to be as honest with them as their age allows

  3. I love reading.....reading in bed with a cup of coffee.......awesome!!

  4. I love the water…ocean, lake, river, stream, creek

  5. I want to live near the water someday….either closer to the ocean or by a lake or river…..even a stream would do!!

  6. I love sitting on a dock dangling my feet in the water but I have to admit that, no matter how hard I try not to, eventually I start to wonder if something down there might not decide to try snacking on my toes

  7. I like to sing…although my friends don’t like it when I do

  8. As a result, I mostly sing in the shower or in the car

  9. I am hooked on my computer…ok, ok I am hopelessly addicted to my computer….I love doing all kinds of things on the computer

  10. I have fallen asleep while sitting at the computer

Part IV

  1. I have 3 tattoos…..small, tasteful and meaningful....I have a faith (cross), hope (anchor) and love (heart) amalgamated graphic, I have a sleepy moon and my 3rd tattoo is a yin/yang symbol with a moon, star and sun within the two yin/yang areas.

  2. I may get another one or two

  3. Friends and especially family mean the world to me.....here we are....the 6 siblings....3 girls, 3 boys....age spread 26 years from oldest to youngest...picture taken in 2001.....starting from the right we have: J. who is 55; then there is moi 45; next up is E. who is 29 and I refer to as my baby-bro still....I was 16 when he was born and my parents were pretty dang tired of doing the parental thing by that point!!; next up is my sister Trish who some of you know and love already and I can tell you her age, 41, without too much trouble as she talked about it over on her blog the other day; moving along....we have D. who is 53 this year; and finally we come to my big sister J. who will be 51 in a few weeks time.

  4. Family can be a challenge at times

  5. Especially my mother

  6. Just ask my sister

  7. I like being a caring person

  8. At a ridiculously young age I won a honking bottle of whiskey at some fall fair (…not sure what ever happened to that bottle!)

  9. I love my coffee

  10. At night I have to have a fan going in the room in order for me to sleep.....which is odd to me as I am otherwise a sensitive sleeper....must be the "white" noise kind of thing
Part V

  1. I have been told that I have a certain laugh/giggle/chuckle that sounds just like Betty Rubble

  2. I love, love, love dolphins....they are somehow magical to me

  3. I love, love, love candles......I buy them often.....even if they cost way too much…..and I always buy too many......I like to burn as many as I can and turn off all the lights

  4. Sometimes I am under a candle moratorium (often self-placed there) -- meaning I am not allowed to buy anymore until I use some up of the ones I have....I still manage to sneak some in here and there

  5. I love scary movies....the scarier the better.....but it has to be a “good” scary....like a good psychological thriller...not just senseless blood and guts scary....those are dumb and a waste of time

  6. I hate going to the dentist, however....I have THE greatest dentist in the world!!

  7. Oh, and I particularly love the gas they give you at the dentist....just sayin'

  8. I was quite accident prone as a kid, bounced my teeth out on a headboard in a bed bouncing incident, serious rope burns around my legs from my, normally very docile but big, dog taking off suddenly, serious burns to both forearms (at different times), broke my nose in a jungle gym incident.....I was 16 when that happened. My one older brother was also quite accident prone and the folks used to tease us about getting discounts at the medical centers because we were there so often

  9. My nose is the only bone in my body that I’ve ever broken

  10. The day after I broke my nose I got German Measles….so I had 2 black eyes, a swollen nose and red spots ALL over my body

  11. I didn't even get to miss a day of school because by that time my German Measles were no longer contagious. German Measles is the ONLY childhood disease I have EVER had

  12. I hate driving in unfamiliar areas....I have this "getting lost" phobia (abandonment issues??)

Guess what?? I am 1/2 way through my 100 things about me!!

Part VI

  1. ALL my life I believed I was born on a Monday…..complete with the line from that poem….Monday’s child is….yadda yadda you know the one…..until I met my friend’s hubby who was born on the same day, month and year that I was. In his home he had one of those baby plates detailing one’s birth and it told me that we were born on a Friday. I, of course, did not believe this……THEY, you know that other family must have somehow gotten it wrong……afterall…..my birthdate fell on a Monday. That is until I went home and checked it out on the internet and, well, let’s just say…..THEY were right!!!

  2. You're a joy to everyone around you
    Your natural kindness shines through.

  3. I collect quotes and sayings in a journal and read them often

  4. I am 3rd generation Canadian on my Dad’s side and German on my Mom’s side

  5. When I was 3 years old I had a “bouncing on mom and dad’s bed” accident and knocked out all my top front teeth….the next set of teeth did not come in until I was 7 years old…..they thought my teeth would grow in crooked…..they didn’t

  6. I am thankful for that

  7. I hardly ever remember my dreams…I often say I do not dream….but am told, unequivocally, that I am wrong….everyone dreams. But seriously I have remembered maybe a handful of my dreams and then only the smallest of snippets…like a person in the dream, a scene, a thought…..(perhaps reason for therapy # 365)

  8. As a kid I had a recurring dream that I had gotten up, wandered to the bathroom and then on my way back I could not get back to my bed as the floor was wall to wall alligators and spiders.

  9. One of my dream jobs would be to own a bookstore……or better yet….a cozy bookshop with a little coffee bar attached…….

  10. But someone else would have to handle the business end of running things.......

  11. I just want to arrange books and drink coffee at the cash register.

  12. I don’t particularly like watching televised sports, but am glued to the summer and winter Olympics.

  13. I don't make my bed unless I've just changed the sheets......I don't see the point.....you're just going to get back in it again!

  14. When I die, I want to be cremated

  15. For a short time during university when a bunch of us would go out for a night on the town I would smoke dope in order to avoid drinking booze….I had this idea justified it by saying I was on diet and trying to avoid the calories from booze….did it work?? Uhhmmmm not so much!!

  16. My dream home……cozy log cabin in a clearing on a wooded lot with a stream or small lake close by......something like this........

Part VII

  1. I'm not afraid to try new food. As kids growing up we were forced offered a wide variety of different foods and there was never any discussion about eating what was put in front of you!!

  2. My favourites are......Thai and Indian food

  3. I don't intend on ever having children

  4. Don't get me wrong.......I love kids and have spent a good part of my adult life looking after and working with kids but I liked going home without them at the end of my shift and I like giving them back to their parents at the end of the day

  5. I have never minded spending time alone

  6. My favourite colour is purple

  7. I hate to fly

  8. Such was not always the case

  9. Now I need Ativan to do it

  10. My first pet was a golden retriever named Whiskey…..my godparents gave him, as a puppy, to my parents on the day I was born….can you imagine….a newborn and a puppy at the same time???

  11. One of my mothers great hobbies when we were younger was obedience training with her goldens. They would enter competitions and she still has many of his trophies in her home. His greatest achievement was that one year he won the Louisiana State Championship in obedience training.

  12. He was fiercely protective of me. One of the many things goldens are known for is they "gentle", "soft" mouths meaning, for example, that they can carry a raw egg without cracking the shell over great distances. How this pertains to me is that when we would go swim in the ocean Whiskey would get frantic when I, as a five-year old, would venture out into the water. He was a great swimmer too but when I was in the water he would be pacing the shoreline keeping his eyes keenly trained on me. Eventually, he would decide that enough was enough and he couldn't take the worry any longer. At this point he would swim out to where ever I was in the water and with his gentle, soft mouth take me by the wrist and swim back to shore with me where he was content to let me play in the surf but no further! He lived to be 13 and was truly one of those once in a life time kinds of dogs.

  13. I was made to play played the recorder for about 5 years

  14. I only lasted 1 year playing piano

  15. When “important” topics – birds and bees, drugs etc., -- needed to be talked about my mother would leave a Reader’s Digest article on my bed

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