August 26, 2006

My sis has a new blog...

....and it looks awesome and looks sooooooooooooooooo her!!! The theme of her sparkling new blog is of her favourite subjects.....she found the blog skin on Friday while I was at work and then we have spent the whole weekend tweaking it till it was JUST right!! It was alot of fun and we both learned oooooodles of cool new stuff. Tweaking templates is an incredibly addicting thing to do!! I think I realized that my sister is more into the activity of blogging itself and she is an awesome writer. Mind you she has to have the template be really reflective of her personality which is good....but then once that is all set she is content to just blog to her hearts content!!! I like blogging too.........but what really jazzes me up is tweaking with this and that on the template and figuring out why this and that does not work and trying to solve some of those issues!!! It is completely absorbing!!!

1 Comment:

Trish said...

That's why we are sisters :-)

Thanks...this was fun.