August 28, 2006

A post inspired by...

my sister's blog entry for today.....

I get such a kick out of reading my sisters blog….not just cuz she’s my sis…..or cuz she is a great writer…..but it often makes me think and sometimes chuckle as well and spurs on many ideas, thoughts and memories!!! Something she writes about will either remind me of myself or remind me of something to do with her and I…..or just in general tweak me to think about something past or present……

The older we get the more similarities I find between us!!! You like things in 3's & 5's....I count things in 2's...or 4’s…..or 6’s……you get the gist right??? If I buy anything loose like say-mushrooms-it will be in denominations of 2’s or in pairs like 12 or 16 or 20...NEVER would I buy say…..15 mushrooms……...who counts mushrooms in the first place??? If I am at the drug store replenishing my drug store type things….I will buy 2 shampoo’s, 4 deodorants and 2 bottles of lotion…..NEVER 3 or 5 of anything!!!

Another similarity…..when I buy something for myself it takes for-freaking-ever for me to make a decision……and then even if I have found JUST the thing I am looking for or want/need/whatever I still spend oooodles of time 2nd guessing myself and STILL surfing/looking/noticing that SAME thing…...just like you are describing yourself doing with your templates!!!

Blog mood for the day….is that like your earing mood for the day used to be?? Remember when you used to give me a hard time cuz I almost never change my earings and you used to change them daily no matter what?? Hehehehe same with your desktop themes (long time ago) which had to be just SO and reflective if your mood and was recreated every few days!! that a family trait or what??? I am sooooooooooooooo indecisive about most things in my life!!! For me I think it has to do with being a Gemini...2 sides to everything….and in my case often more than 2. No no no not multiple personalities it’s just that for me…...I tend to look at things from so many different angles that sometimes I think/worry that I mighta made some of the angles up!!! LOL………me make a decision on the fly….hello?? I think NOT!!!!

Hey maybe the counting in 2’s/pairs has to do with being a Gemini as well?? Afterall another crucially important thing for me, two actually, are……symmetry and synchronicity!!! But alas I digress……those topics will have to be food for thought for some future blog entry…or 4….or 6….....**grin**

2 peeps just sayin':

Trish said...

Aww hon...thanks for the plug :-)

We are indeed alike in many ways. I count my mushrooms and fifteen is a perfectly acceptible number. But shampoo and lotion in 2's and four's??

Love the new header!

Drew Blackstone said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm with you, golden retrievers rock.

BTW, Rosie Cotton has six aunts named Maggie.

Peace out.