September 05, 2006

Attention: **Swishy.......**

Now how can you resist these lil bundles of joy and fluffiness?? Well one rather large 65lb bundle of joy and muscle (Molly) and one 12 lb bundle of joy and fluffiness!! (Maggie)

Now I realize that I have posted pics of the pooches here before and perhaps it gets old after a while but just look at this lil bundle of supreme cuteness. She lives to be held and cuddled and will pretty much sleep in any position you hold her in.

Seeeeeeeeeeee what I mean??

Here is Maggie being a very brave wave chaser!! She was fascinated by the water coming in and out onto the rocks and would literally prance around trying to catch the waves. A couple of times those waves would take her with them back out into the lake...but she managed to swim back to shore and get out with a look on her face that said....."What???? I meant to do that ya fools" we are all standing around the dock ready to jump in and rescue her....she was a new dog to us at the time so we had no clue if she could even swim!!

Anyway they are a blast and our two are not a great deal of work as we are pretty laid back folks so the dogs adapt well. My mother in law lives with us though so that helps in terms of letting them out during the day when we are both at work.

Well folks...time to head off to bed!!!

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Swishy said...

Ohhhh, you're tempting me!!! They're adorable!