September 12, 2006

Is it OK?? borrow things from other people's blogs??? I guess it must be as they must have gotten them from somewhere else on the net no?? I worry about these net etiquette kinds of things cuz I surely don't want to be taking things and getting myself into hot water!!

Well I borrowed this from a blog I happened to surf on by in my net meanderings (would that make the word neanderings??) this morning....and it is sooooooo cute.......but I must warn you.....proceed at your own risk as this could lead to some serious cuteness overload!!!

Don't click this link, unless you are prepared for the cutest montage you have ever seen, accompanied, for no apparent reason, by Weezer's Island in the Sun. Seriously, cute, cute, cute.

Oh apparently it is originally from the website Cute Overload so I guess it's OK to borrow it right?? **sigh** who knows eh??

Better yet........who really cares......just go enjoy!!!!

4 peeps just sayin':

Karitown said...

Definitely cute. Love the layout of your blog by the way;))

Boo7 said...

Thanks for stopping by karitown and thank-you for the compliment on my blog layout...:)

Trish said...

Very cute Boo!! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Yes boo how did you do such a cute layout of your blog??

Love the cute cute cute borrowed thing ;)