September 01, 2008

This was me.........

....this past long weekend!! minus the pony-tail mind you!!


Somehow I missed spring cleaning this year.....starting a new relationship might have had something to do with it....that or just plain laziness...who knows?? Well I think I've made up for it the past 3 days....nothing like a bit of spring cleaning inside AND out to instill that nesting feeling and make everything right with the world again!

AND....I had help this time around.....the gf pitched in and helped out like the awesome trooper she is!! One of the many things I love about my girl is that she has a keen sense of pride of home ownership....wether it be her house or my house we are working on....gotta love it!!

After we were done my gf left for her home with 15 bags of my garbage -- her city's garbage restrictions are much more liberal than mine.....soooooo I have pilaged and burned my house and home....and ALL the junk is outta here already.....woooohooooooooooo!!

2 peeps just sayin':

Hahn at Home said...

I thought it was just me - relationship or no - I am sick of cleaning. Thank you Mela, my Russian cheap maid who works her ass off for me twice a month, otherwise, I'd have to burn this place down.

Anonymous said...

Well now . . . what the . . . when . . ??

You're back!?