April 03, 2013

Making a donation......

Early last month I finally did it!!  After many years and countless distractions I finally made my first blood donation!!  I really have meant to become a blood donor for many, many years but always there would be a reason why I didn't......clinic was closed when I went, wasn't feeling well that day, I'd forget again for long stretches of time, my iron was low (one time period in my life)....you name it......not really excuses, just *things* would happen and it never got done!

Well, no more! Early March saw me at the blood donor clinic.....wooohooooooooo!!

So, then today, my shiny white blood donor card arrives in the mail and has been securely added to my wallet as I plan on using it often (well, as often as the guidelines permit which is approximately 6-8 times a year).  Along with the card they also advise you as to what your blood type is and I am a universal donor having O+ blood.....39% of Canadians are O+.  O+ donations are always in high demand because:

  • it is the most common blood type in Canada
  • it can be given to all patients with ANY positive Rh blood type (O+, A+, B+ or AB+), representing 85% of the population
  • it is most often used in emergency situations which may require a larger volume of blood

It really feels good to have finally leaped over that hurdle and really the whole procedure from start to finish was incredibly smooth and the folks that run the clinic are all just so very pleasant and positive.  To know that my one donation has the potential to affect 3 people's lives is incredible!

My calendar's already marked for my next donation and as the logo states.........

.....won't you consider giving as well??

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