July 11, 2006

It's been an interesting time.....

I truely think that maybe I have lost my mind...lol...I am blogger fixation personified!!! Is this normal?? Can someone help me out?? Maybe I do nee3d that 12 step program for chronic interneters!! I have now created a new blog and have been busily tweaking both of them!!! My 2nd blog came after a thought occured to me today....I have so many little books and journals and pieces of paper with collected bits of wisdom, quotes, poems and passages that I have collected for...well seems like forever!!! Anything I came across that seemed meaningful in some way or caused me to stop and think for a bit or reconsider something....I collected em all!! So my 2nd blog will be very plain and simple and just for keeping a record of all of those quotes and stuff....we'll see how it goes....:)

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Trish said...

You go Woman!!!

Sis from YKW