July 09, 2006

The weekend's over......

Well after spending a good part of the weekend tinkering around on the computer getting my blog "just so" it's starting to feel a little bit like home....:) It's kind of amazing really that I am learning a bit of the coding that goes into customizing your blog...once you start to get the hang of it things kinda start to make some sense...hhmmm...imagine that!! Who knew that I would become a web geek....roflmao.....one weekend and she thinks she knows something about the intricacies of computer programming!!

I also got my front planter filled with soil finally and then some beautiful plants!! R and R built it last weekend and it turned out lovely...its about 20' long by 3' wide........damn did that take alot of dirt to fill in!!!!! Then this afternoon J and I went to the garden center to pick out some perennials....but guess what??? They were already low on supplies...uhhmmmm hello??? It's only the beginning of July??? We went to a 2nd nursery and did manage to find a few things there though......so there are some colourful things to start things off....I figure it will be a work in progress and we can add to it next year and so on.

Well time to put this weekend to bed....oh and myself too I guess!!

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Trish said...

oooooooohhhh it's looking way cool over here Boo.

I am up early as usual this am but didn't sleep well 'cuz M was out at a drive-in and didn't get home 'till 3am. Can't ever sleep when my babes are not in bed too. The only reason I didn't call the cops was that he was with a friend and both parents......so I figured it would be some legit dealy that was keeping them which it was.

Anywhooo, we are off to **YKW**...maybe you can come join us sometime too kay?