July 16, 2006

Let's try something to get the creativity going!!!

Well I decided today that I want to try something new…..maybe…..we’ll see. The think is that I like this idea of daily blogging…but then when it comes time to do so…..I draw complete and utter blank on what to write about???!!!!! I mean I totally blank out and cannot figure it out….no clue….nothing….nada….zip…..zilch!!!  So I am going to try this….I came across some websites today in my surfing that dealt with journaling and writing in general….and these led me to some websites about journal/blogging prompts…you can see the links for some of these in my “Just in Case” links section.  I surfed around a bit more and was actually looking for something that might generate such prompts for me right in my blog….but alas no luck on that so far.

Ok so from journalsparks for today’s date…..the prompt question is….what was the worst food you’ve eaten….and here would be my answer……..

My parents made us eat pretty much everything….there just was never any question to not eat what was placed in front of you!!  And they were very diligent about really having an expansive repertoire of what we would have…there was nothing that did not cross our table on a fairly regular basis.  
AND there were only a very certain few things that we were allowed to put ketchup or any other sauces on…..so options were limited in terms of being able to cover the taste!!!!

The result, I suppose, was that none of us (there are 6 of us) have ever been real picky eaters.  I mean for myself there are some things I prefer to eat than others……and there are some things that I just don’t buy because although I may not hate them…..they are just not a priority for me……suffice it to say that there is very little that, if I were visiting and someone served, I would not eat!!!

My least favourite food while growing up and one I have probably not eaten at all since childhood is…..wait for it…..ready??......LIVER…….can we say bleeeeeeeeeeech!!!!???? But I have to say, to Mom’s credit, she did have a way of making it that made the whole ordeal a little more palatable.  She would fry up the liver with onions and apple slices……which somehow made the liver a little more tolerable!!!

So there you have it….my first prompted blog entry!!  Now before I close for the day I gotta say……………….it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo freakin’ hot here today, and was yesterday and is supposed to be for the next few days!!!  We hit 36 Celsius this afternoon and they were saying that with the humidity it felt more like 40 or more….holey moley!!!!

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aka_monty said...

See, that's what MEMEs were invented for. :)

When all else fails, steal a meme from someone. LOL