July 17, 2006

A meme..............

This meme was borrowed from Tattling Tidbits at http://www.geocities.com/tattling_tidbits/. Hope that's OK....have never done this before!!!

"Vacation "

What is your favorite outing during the summer?

Going with the entire family to the cottage for a week....there have been as many as 23 of us there at one time with about 14 actual beds....lol...you do the math!!! There are bodies scattered everywhere but it's heaps of fun.....we call it organized chaos......you should see the mealtimes!!!

Do you go away for individual days, or do travel for a week or more?

Usually take the one week for the cottage with family and then take a day here and there throughout the summer and spend it doing.....just about anything or nothing at all.....:)

Organised or own initiative, why?

Well with that many people there has to be some organization especially with the sleeping arrangements and the food....but we try to keep the organization to a minimum and everyone from oldest to youngest helps out so that makes things more manageable. The place looks like a tornado whizzed through it at the end of the week and everyone pitches in for a huge clean-up operation!!

Do you love the beach or the woods?

Both....love the beach...especially at the ocean...if I could live somewhere that was on the ocean but not brutally hot.....believe me I would!!
The woods I like for taking walks in.....love the kind of woods where the trees are all really high so there is lots of room for walking around....love big rocks....and stairs created out of rocks and stones.....and beautiful lookouts and vistas.....and little crooked meandering pathways.....and wide open spaces....know what??? I just described the cottage!!

What are you favorite summerclothes?

Shorts/capris and a shirt....usually a collared shirt sometimes a t-shirt.

..and footwear?

Sandals......sandals.....sandals.....oh and being barefoot too!!

Tell us about your best vacation:

Favourite vacations.....aside from the family trip to the cottage each year?? Well that would have to be when myself and 3 friends go away to some tropical all inclusive carribean spot....so far we have been to Mexico 3 times and to Cuba twice and the Dominican once. My favourite is always Mexico....just love all the little craft and flea markets there.

Do you have vacation pictures to share?

Toooooooooooo many to share here!!!

Any tips for others?

Not really other than.....take an insulated mug w/lid with you and remember to take little trinkets and such to give to the staff at the resorts....they are all super friendly, work hard and don't get paid very much.

A vacation recipe to share?

Can't think of any.........

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