July 08, 2006

New blog progress...

Well today is day 2 of the new blog for me and so far so good....I have been able to tweak and customize with margins, borders, pics and fonts etc., etc.. In fact have not done much of anything today other than playing on the web in one form or another!

It was great reading a fellow bloggers post today about online friendships and how the line between online and real-life has become more and more obscure! It is soooooooo very true!! A funny story along those lines.........I used to do an enourmous amount of chatting and socializing on the web in the mid to late 90's and my one friend J use to give me all kinds of a hard time and ribbing as he thought the whole thing was absolutely foolish!! He thought I was crazy and would razzzzzzzzzz me with things along the lines of........oh how can you get to know someone online...it's not real you know......etc., etc., blah, blah, blah, and so on and so forth!

Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll guess who recently discovered online chatting in a huge, huge, ginourmous way?????????? My dear friend J that's who!!! OMFG it has been too, too, too, too funny watching him!!! And how freaking excited he gets at all the peeps he is chatting with........it's just a hoot....just this afternoon he was chatting with someone from Brazil, somewhere in Europe and someone in western Canada. Welcome to the cyber-world 10 years later J!!

I have tried to be good and not give him a hard time about it....but ya know.....payback is a bitch they say.....and sometimes....well a girl just can't help herself!!!

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Trish said...

So you were wondering why I didn't leave a comment??

Um...hon...it's about your FONT SIZE. Not everybody has a 19" screen ;-)

My eyes are watering just trying to read your writing. **squint**