August 17, 2006

Funny Animal Pics.....

Did ya think I was gonna get taller??????????

"I told you, don't pull my ears, didn't I?!!!"

"It be allwight, don't cry!"

Uh, excuse me mister, have you seen my mother?

Will you be my new daddy? I be your best fwiend!

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ElleCharlie said...

Cute post!

I totally would get a dog if I could - I really feel like I'd love to have one especially after losing my Grandma - but alas, apartment living in the city doesn't allow for it. My landlady is firm on the no pets rule. Plus I'm not home a lot, so it wouldn't be fair to a dog. But soon... I hope in the next two years or so... dogs just add happiness. So it's in my plans, eventually :) Till then I appreciate the posted pics - it's fun to see other people's dogs.

I also like your blog Passages of Time - are you still working on that? I noticed you hadn't posted to that one in a while but maybe you only post when you find stuff worth posting? Anyway, it's great stuff!