August 18, 2006

Ever feel this way.......

These two expressions are an accurate depiction of how I am feeling at the moment!!! Good thing the other two people in my house at the moment are napping on couches....roflmao....both said...noooooooooo I'm not gonna fall asleep....I'm "watching the ball-game".....roflmao both are sawing quietly and the other loud enough to wake the dead!!! LOL

But I must add that them sleeping is not what has me in such a pissy fact them sleeping just ensures them to not be in the line of fire!!! I don't get this way often but tonight is just a doozy.....ever get that way???? And all I wanna know is WHY??!!##@#%&!!@# At this stage in my life I am obviously not going to have kids so then why oh why must I still endure this silliness each and every month??? It just makes no sense to me and I want it over and done with already k???!!!!


.....ok so my rant is over right now....not really....I am sure I could go on and on but I won't bore you with it.....**thank the lord and all that is good and holy** .....all I can say is.........THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

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Swishy said...

That was me yesterday!! I can totally relate! I hope you are feeling better now ;)