August 14, 2006


Hehehe just realized that my dogs names both start with M so that would make them M&M's roflmao....funny how on yer way to bed little things like this can strike your funny bone and make you chuckle!!!

Which reminds there really such a thing as a funny bone?? where is it?? and how did it come to be called the funny bone?? cuz holey moley when you smack your elbow just right and people refer to hitting your funny I don't know about you but the last thing that I am doing is laughing....generally there are cuss words a flying and tears a springing!!!! But anyway....I digress.....on with this evenings parting thoughts............

Tomorrow Maggie has to go for her little girly operation...neutering.....spaying...whatever you call it.....:( The worst part is....they keep her overnight!!! Can you imagine...poor lil thing will be wait....maybe it's me that will be more traumatized than she!!! She is such a cute lil addition to our family and made herself fit right in after only 2 weeks....I will miss the lil rugrat!!!

Course, for some reason I feel the need to put in a word for our Molly
.....our first dog....our beautiful golden retriever....the biggest, sweetest, lovingest big suck in the world!!! She will always be the queen of the house....but Maggie is the rascally lil princess giving the queen a run for her money for sure!!!

Here are the two of them doing what they do best...........relaxing and lounging and....well just generally content to not have a care in the world greater than...hhmmmm wonder how long till dinner??....ahhhhhhh such a rough life a dog's life is eh??

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ElleCharlie said...

Your dogs are SO cute! A big one and a little one - canine diversity. How old is Molly? I've been longing for some puppy presence in my life lately but I don't know anyone who has dogs I can visit with... Thanks for updating me on Trish - glad she is only a temporarily AWOL from cyberspace. Your site is fun - I'm going to come here more often... :)