August 13, 2006

Maggie settles in to cottage life.....

....quite nicely I might add....take a look for yourself!!!

And then there's Molly.....the old cottage pro!!!

About one week before heading to the cottage we got a new lil addition to our family....her name is Maggie and she was posted online in the classifieds in our area as needing a new home!!! I had been thinking for a while that I would love to have a 2nd dog to keep our other dog, Molly, company when we are both at work. And I always loved the idea of having one big dog and one small dog. We had been dogsitting a small dog for about 3 weeks and that just solidified my wanting to get another pooch!!

Soooooooooo on the day that I made up my mind there she was online!!! Just waiting for me to find her. Her owner and I emailed furiously back and forth that night with me asking a bazillion questions and 2 days later I went to pick her up....sight unseen (well except for the small pic posted online)....she is a sweetheart and has just fit into our family amazingly well!!!

I was not sure how she would react to the cottage with all those people and having just been shifted to a brand new family and so on. But I have to say she has been an amazing little trooper!!!! Everyone loved her and spent oodles of time hugging and snuggling with Maggie. She is a big suck really....loves to be carried around over your shoulder or craddled like a baby and will just sleep with a contented smile on her face.

She seems to not be afraid of the water at all in spite of a couple of scary scenarios....she would stand at the rocks (like in the one pic) and try to chase and catch the waves.....once in a while she would get carried away by the waves as they went back out!! But she would manage to get herself turned around and swim to the shore and climb out on the rocks again....looking mighty pleased with herself!!

And then a couple of other times she would fall off the dock right into the water.....pretty far away (for a little dog) from the shore....but there was always someone there to scoop her outta the water and, like I said, she would appear to be none the worse for wear as she would go chase the waves again!!!

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