August 23, 2006

Oh's been a while.....

since I last posted anything on my blog!!!

Someone sent me these cute lil letters written by kids.........they are really too cute!!! I love these kinds of things.......out of the mouths of babes eh??

Other than that there is not much happening in this life of mine these days...other than work and looking forward to the weekends!!!

Oh which reminds sister is coming to visit starting tomorrow!!! Every once in a while she has the need to escape her 3 boys and husband and go on what we call a "Mommy weekend". And having spent almost a week being like a camp counsellor to about 9 kids (her own 3 plus all her nieces and nephews plus another friend) she really, really, really needs a weekend away......and when Calgon just does not live up to it's promise of being able to take her away.........she comes here!!!!!! These weekends usually consist of all kinds of debauchery including ice cream, shopping, interneting, ice cream, yakking, drinking coffee, yummy dinners out or created by us, ice cream, endless movies and did I mention ice cream???? hehehe my sister is the consumate coffee queen AND the ice cream princess!!!!! **love ya hon** Soooooooooooooo I am looking to a fun filled weekend!!!!

So for now....I must say Ciao and Sayonara..........:)

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