August 19, 2006

OMG!!!! Remember these?????

Remember my post about mullets not too long ago?? Or maybe it was still in one of my blogs that has since gone to rest in blog matter....point is....take a look at these equally frightening do's....just as scarey as the mullet and yet we all had 'em or at the very least knew all kinds of people that did!!! Let's call it the revenge of the big bad bang.....


2 peeps just sayin':

Trish said...

Hi hon...I'm baaaack! It was great but I'm glad to be home again. And as for your moodiness? Don't hold back, go for our house I get a "bitching allowance" and everyone knows to keep their distance and not make eye contact with me. It's an understanding and it's temporary and we are all the happier for it once it is over.

Trish said...

FYI the link on your post is not working ?!

Did you get my message last night about me coming for a visit? See you Thursday night :-)