August 04, 2006

Tomorrow is the day!!!

So tomorrow we all head up to the cottage for the week!! I am soooooooo pumped and have soooooooooo much yet to do.....wonder if I will make it??
We will be 21-24 people there at some points....with...ohhhh maybe 14 beds!!?? Oh my word.......there will be bodies flaked out everywhere!!! But we always have a blast and enjoy our time to the's the one time per year when all the 6 siblings and various partners, children, critters and other sundry hangers-on get together and see each other as a group. There are times throughout the year where some of us get together at one home or another for some occasion or another...or just to hang out of course. But this is the one time each year we ALL descend on the cottage together.

Day 1 is always kind of a chaotic write-off as groups of people arrive at different times and the day is spent ferrying people, belongings, children, groceries, critters and said sundry hangers-on back and forth from the mainland. Then that group is there and getting settled....sure enough the next group calls....and it's all hands on deck again to help out the next group........and so it goes all day long. Then we usually fit in a group swim in the lake and someone makes a nice din-din and we all collapse into bed exhausted ready to start our vacation in earnest bright and early the next morning!!!

We all take turns making meals and one sister and her hubby usually take care of all the breakies....and what fabby breakies they do make!!! They got that job well 'cuz they make awesome breakies....but also something to do with.....getting up at the crack of dawn.....or at least wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before anyone else!!!

Then lunches are kind of a catch as catch can affair.....mostly just sandwiches or left-overs from the night before or a big pot of mac and cheese or hot dogs or some such combination of things.

Dinners are divied up according to the size of your family group....for example my one sis and hubby have 3 strapping 5 people all together...but they make the breakies so they are exempt from din-dins....although that does not always happen.

Both my older brothers have partners and two children each so they make more meals for example than my younger brother and his partner or myself and mine.

LOL after boring you all to tears with the minutest details of our cottage experiences....did I happen to mention.....that we just found out that there has been NO power at the cottage since Wednesday night and that there might not be any till next Wednesday (mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe Monday but don't count on it)????? So that stove/oven running water.....which uhhmm errrrr......means no flushing!!!!!! Ahhhh going back to nature.........gotta love it!!!!!

Well we all chatted this evening via my younger sister and it seems as though no one is deterred by this news and everyone is heading up as per plan tomorrow!!! WooooooooooHooooooooooooooo!!!!!

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Attila The Mom said...

Hope you have a great time!

Don't forget your sunscreen. ;-)