September 07, 2006

Not a very creative post......

I know, I know, I's not Monday....but my brain is in hibernation this week....constipated brain?? roflmao, sometimes I amuse myself so much!!! LOL sooooooooooo I went in search of something else to post and found this.........

Monday Meme 38 : 2006-02-06 : True Colors

1. From where you are sitting right now, list an object that is one of each of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black.

thumbtack -- red, needle-nose pliers (no kidding!) -- orange, post-it note -- yellow, incense -- green, drinking glass -- blue, pen -- purple, list of phone numbers -- white, phone -- black.

2. What color do you wear most often? Why?

dark colours...goes with lotsa things?? Actually I wear quite a wide variety of colours....just the more muted, darker colours

3. What color are your eyes? What color do you wish they were?

blue and blue

4. What color is your desktop image?


5. What colors are you walls and floor?

wood walls so light brown....brown carpet

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