September 21, 2006


You have to go check out this picture over on Cute Overload.... is it just me or is this not one of the funniest pictures you have ever seen????? That site slays me all the time....I love it!!!

Ever had......a coworker that had the uncanny ability to annoy the f**k, bats**t, bejeeezus out of you........AND the misfortune of working in a small office where it's just you, the a**hole, I mean said coworker and your saint of a secretary????? This does not make for a pleasant combination!!

Thank christ all that is good and holy for my secretary, without her I would surely have been committed to an asylum by it is I spend half my day rocking and chanting to myself "...take me to my happy place...." or dreaming of the commercial for "...calgon take me away..." NOW damnit!!!!

Anyone know of any cures for the annoying coworker syndrome????

Ok, ok, ok I feel better already now!!!! Nothing like a good rant now and then eh?? Cleanses the soul and soothes the spirit.....LOL more like takes away the urge to commit an indictable act on said coworker!!!

Well folks....this evenings back to one of my favourites.....for your amusement I give you..............

2 peeps just sayin':

Trish said...

So what does this co-worker do? Is it a man or a woman? If we had some specifics then we could mete out an appropriate torture.

Hang in there.

Love the buttons! Hey maybe you could get a bunch of them printed and wear them to work...maybe even ask the clients to wear them before they go in to see co-worker person.

Just a thought.

Swishy said...

Headphones! I throw them on and listen to music every time I get pissed. It's anti-social, but it's better than going to jail for killing a coworker.