February 05, 2007

Part V of my 100 things about me.....

  1. I have been told that I have a certain laugh/giggle/chuckle that sounds just like Betty Rubble

  2. I love, love, love dolphins....they are somehow magical to me

  3. I love, love, love candles......I buy them often.....even if they cost way too much…..and I always buy too many......I like to burn as many as I can and turn off all the lights

  4. Sometimes I am under a candle moratorium (often self-placed there) -- meaning I am not allowed to buy anymore until I use some up of the ones I have....I still manage to sneak some in here and there

  5. I love scary movies....the scarier the better.....but it has to be a “good” scary....like a good psychological thriller...not just senseless blood and guts scary....those are dumb and a waste of time

  6. I hate going to the dentist, however....I have THE greatest dentist in the world!!

  7. Oh, and I particularly love the gas they give you at the dentist....just sayin'

  8. I was quite accident prone as a kid, bounced my teeth out on a headboard in a bed bouncing incident, serious rope burns around my legs from my, normally very docile but big, dog taking off suddenly, serious burns to both forearms (at different times), broke my nose in a jungle gym incident.....I was 16 when that happened. My one older brother was also quite accident prone and the folks used to tease us about getting discounts at the medical centers because we were there so often

  9. My nose is the only bone in my body that I’ve ever broken

  10. The day after I broke my nose I got German Measles….so I had 2 black eyes, a swollen nose and red spots ALL over my body

  11. I didn't even get to miss a day of school because by that time my German Measles were no longer contagious. German Measles is the ONLY childhood disease I have EVER had

  12. I hate driving in unfamiliar areas....I have this "getting lost" phobia (abandonment issues??)

Guess what?? I am 1/2 way through my 100 things about me!!

10 peeps just sayin':

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Have you considered making your own candles?

The Mad Hatter said...

Betty, Betty ... Ooooo Betty!!!

I like you more now ... Betty

Dolphines, fairy and I love em too ... hopefully one day we'll get to swim with 'em.

Candles, Love em too ...

Love and kisses XxXxXxXxXxX

lori hahn said...

I join you in your getting lost phobia. I thought it was funny, once I noticed I was doing it, but whenever I drive someplace I don't know, I turn off the radio and everyone must be SILENT in the car. Then, I noticed most of my friends did this too. Do you?

Kari Lee Townsend said...

I hate getting lost. It's scary.

the only daughter said...

I'm with on the dolphins issue and I too love candles..don't get to burn them myself, as my daughter swipes them from me faster than I can say wax.

mist1 said...

I have banned myself from burning candles until I can remember to blow them out before I go to bed.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes scary movies haveto be good...and there'd better be a pillow nearby to scream into.

And ice-cream to calm the nerves afterwards.

SassyFemme said...

Love the dolphins and candles. I don't mind driving in unfamiliar areas, I just have a knack for winding up in the most unsafe of areas!

trish said...

It's official. We're twins by separate mothers. ;)

Sarah said...

Very cool. Candles are heaven-sent if you ask me. So calming and soothing. As are bath salts LOL. Which, btw, I totally forgot to buy today and meant to! Darn it. LOL. Thanks for the indirect reminder :)