July 18, 2006

Cottage time is just around the corner........

So here is a picture of the cottage.....folks who might be reading this are prolly sick of my sister and I talking about the cottage all the time....truth is it is a very sacred spot for the both of us....maybe for varying reasons but lots of them the same too. And the time is fast approaching when we have our huge family gathering there that we do once a year....and this is going to be our last year there as the place is up for sale........:( With Dad being so sickly ( he cannot even go up there anymore) it's just too much financially and time-wise for any or all of us to manage...the upkeep and yearly taxes alone are insane!

Here is a picture of a sunrise at the cottage.....trust me it was not taken by me!!! I am not up that early.....I think that R got up real early one morning and went for a walk around the place and snapped this shot...this is just one of many amazing scenes and vistas around the place.....really very incredible and special....words just can't really describe it......it's a feeling of sorts....in your being.....gets in your soul.....ever had a connection like that with a place???
I as well as the rest of the family will dearly miss the place and the togetherness and camraderie we share while we are there!!

Anyway, my sis and her family are up there now for a 2 week stint....but in a couple of weekends from now begins the grand fiesta!!! When all the family descends upon the place and that whole first day is pretty much spent ferrying people to the place...unloading them and getting them set up and settled wherever they are going to sleep for the time there and maybe a swim late in the day before dinner. Then it's time for some serious R & R for the rest of the week....we get so comfy and relaxed while we are there that over the years we have coined a term and use it often....it happens every year!! It's called the "cottage brain"......and what it is pretty much is a zone of catatonia....where your biggest decision might be....hmmmm....time for a swim...or a drink first....oh heck make the drink and take it down with you for the swim!!! And while under the influence of cottage brain...the best part....is that the real world seems oh so far away!!!!

I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beth said...

I've toldtrish that the cottage looks like Heaven. It's so sad that you have you to sell it. I know you will miss it. Take lots and LOTS of pix!