October 25, 2006

Tag time..........

So I have received my first tag from my sister Trish…..I am to post about 5 interesting things about myself………

1) I am the 4th of 6 children and mine is a blended family. My Dad’s first wife died tragically at a very young age which is where my older three siblings come from. Then Dad remarried my Mom and that’s where the rest of us 3 younger siblings come from. Now truth be told….I have never considered my older siblings anything but full siblings and we all get along famously and thankfully, once again, all live within 2-5 hours drive of each other.

2) I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana where I spent the first 5 years of my life. Soon after my sis was born we left New Orleans and moved on to various other destinations – in order -- Switzerland, England, Canada, Sweden, New York City, Minneapolis and then I left home to go to University which brought me to where I am today. I came here 26 years ago for school and never left.

3) I spoke Spanish before I spoke English…..or so I am told! When we were young our maternal grandparents live in Argentina and we would go and spend summers there. The year I learned to speak we were there and I was surrounded by all my Spanish speaking aunts, uncles and cousins and so I became quite fluent in Spanish as a toddler!!

4) I can be very social in social situations and can feel quite comfortable with socializing in all kinds of groups, with a variety of people and where I may not know anyone very well…..I can adapt well in social situations I guess is what I am saying (maybe this is a fall out/benefit of growing up as a diplomats daughter....diplomats are chameleons adjusting and changing). All that being said…..I am actually also more than comfortable being alone….some people are energized by their interactions with people…….me, I energize and rejuvenate by engaging in solitary activities. But, I am not a hermit and I do love to spend time with friends and family.

5) I am a self confessed gadget whore.....and proud of it.....and not ashamed to admit it!!! What more can I say other than if there is a new gadget out there to be had....especially of the electronic kind....then chances are I WANT it......course I prolly don't need it.....sometimes can't get it.....but it doesn't stop me from coveting it!!!

So there you have a little more about me.....I know not everyone likes to be tagged so I will just leave it at that and anyone who wishes to do this exercise can feel free to do so!! Let me know though so I can come check it out back on your blog..........

In the meantime...sweet dreams everyone....and remember.....random acts of kindness can go a long way towards making someone's day....so think about doing one today!

4 peeps just sayin':

the only daughter said...

Very interesting indeed.

I envy your family harmony. My dad's family was blended in much the same way. His mom had two husbands and five kids with each. The halves never really got along. Long story short...dad was, in a word, distant.

I flashed on Carmen SanDiego when reading about the places you've been-whew.

Love these exercises. Love learning more bits and pieces.

The Mad Hatter said...

Im a gadget whore too, but tool gagdets, you name it, I have it, I love nothing better than slapping on my mask and drilling a few holes in the wall, or slicing up some wood with the electric saw ;-)

I agree with you on the random acts of kindness thing, it does go along way. You dont realise how much you can touch someone by just sending them a smile :-)

Kisses purple chick ;-) XxXxX

Oh, oh, before I go, about you Speaking Spanish before English, you just reminded me of being at school. I took Spanish lessons, but when I went to class my ears seemed to close cos the Spanish teacher was sooooooooo sexy, I didnt learn a thing.

I wonder if she knew how much she touched me, I wonder if she knew how much I wanted to touch her ;-)

O the joys of school!

Trish said...

Kid sister here just checking how your list compares to mine...

1. Oh, ok so go into FULL detail then...
2. And, what's this? Chronological order too? You're more anal than I am.
3. Ai carramba! Mucho palabras majores.
4. So what your saying is that you play well with others?
5. Just as long as it isn't the battery kind of gadgets...we don't really want to know about those.

Just saying

I'm the younger sister...it's my JOB to be bratty.

Luv Ya **smooches**

Attila The Mom said...

Great list! There's so many places I'd like to visit someday...you're way ahead! :-)