November 10, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things...........

.....dolphins, water and dogs....not necessarily in that order but it'll do for now!! I have been a dolphin fiend for as long as I can remember.....I think I was one in a previous life.....and in a future life one of the things I would like to do is work with dolphins.....what a fantasy life that would be !!!

What are everyone's plans for the weekend??

I have a heavy weekend of nephew-sitting ahead of me which usually involves lots of fun and silliness, with a few movies, video games and junk food thrown in for good measure!!! His parents are off with an older brother to do the visiting universities thing .........eeeeeeeeeeeeeks how do they grow up so freakin' fast???? So PJ and I are looking forward to some carefree times ahead where our biggest decision first thing in the morning will be.....hhhhmmmmmmmm Scooby-Doo video or he to play a video game while I do some net surfing.....I can't wait!!!!

......don't worry Trish....we will do the piano practicing and the spelling as well............maybe!!

7 peeps just sayin':

Trish said...

uh yeah, just don't burn the house down.

Here I am talking to your blog and you're in the next room...LOL

The Guy Who Writes This said...

You could teach him to drive. *Wink@Syd*

The Mad Hatter said...

You could teach him how to get drunk, thats what my cousin tought me when she used to babysit me ;-)

I love dolphins too, I was'nt one in my previous life like you and my fairy were, no, me, I was a cat, yep a pussy all over ;-)
Enjoy babysitting and have a great weekend chick XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

the only daughter said...

I could have been a dolphin...if I wasn't so freaked out mega tons of water.

Nephew sitting is the greatest. I have two words for you..water balloons. Do with them what you will.

Have a fantabulous time!

Boo7 said...

roflmao Deb...water balloons...hmmmmm you may just be onto something there!!!

Syd said...

Guy, I'm appalled! [wink]

Will lunch and dinner consist of ice cream and potato chips? TLF & I usually indulge in such nutrition.

Have fun. I know you will. ;)

Syd said...

Oh, and the blogging/commenting while in the same house just cracks me up.