June 28, 2007

7th installment of 100 things about me......

So, I've been tagged by dear Lori aka Shaniqua (<--long story hehehe).....soooooooooo I thought I would do the tag in the form of adding to my list of things about me that I have no doubt everyone is simply dying to read about!!! lol

  1. I'm not afraid to try new food. As kids growing up we were forced offered a wide variety of different foods and there was never any discussion about eating what was put in front of you!!

  2. My favourites are......Thai and Indian food

  3. I don't intend on ever having children

  4. Don't get me wrong.......I love kids and have spent a good part of my adult life looking after and working with kids but I liked going home without them at the end of my shift and I like giving them back to their parents at the end of the day

  5. I have never minded spending time alone

  6. My favourite colour is purple

  7. I hate to fly

  8. Such was not always the case

  9. Now I need Ativan to do it

  10. My first pet was a golden retriever named Whiskey…..my godparents gave him, as a puppy, to my parents on the day I was born….can you imagine….a newborn and a puppy at the same time???

  11. One of my mothers great hobbies when we were younger was obedience training with her goldens. They would enter comptetions and she still has many of his trophies in her home. His greatest achievement was that one year he won the Louisiana State Championship in obedience training.

  12. He was fiercely protective of me. One of the many things goldens are known for is they "gentle", "soft" mouths meaning, for example, that they can carry a raw egg without cracking the shell over great distances. How this pertains to me is that when we would go swim in the ocean Whiskey would get frantic when I, as a five-year old, would venture out into the water. He was a great swimmer too but when I was in the water he would be pacing the shoreline keeping his eyes keenly trained on me. Eventually, he would decide that enough was enough and he couldn't take the worry any longer. At this point he would swim out to where ever I was in the water and with his gentle, soft mouth take me by the wrist and swim back to shore with me where he was content to let me play in the surf but no further! He lived to be 13 and was truly one of those once in a life time kinds of dogs.

  13. (This is a pic of my sis Trish from over -----> here with Whiskey (the darker one) and his succesor Rye who was just a young whipper-snipper in this photo. Rye was very much Trish's dog and OMG they were so cute together....you never really would see one without the other!)

    ***holey moley what a trip down memory lane that just was!!!***

  14. I was made to play played the recorder for about 5 years

  15. I only lasted 1 year playing piano

  16. When “important” topics – birds and bees, drugs etc., -- needed to be talked about my mother would leave a Reader’s Digest article on my bed......better than nuttin' I suppose but things like that just weren't talked about much in our household!

7 peeps just sayin':

poet said...

though i have been neglecting my blog as well (thanks to facebook), i am still reading you. what a nice list. i hear ya on the ativan thing. we are required to fly to calgary next year, and although i am looking forward to the trip, the means to get there is not such a thrill. i don't know why i am afraid to fly, but ativan will get me there, lol. that is a really nice memory of the dogs. we all have one of those once in a lifetime dogs, i think. nice picture as well. take care and i'll be reading.....

Hahn at Home said...

It was really good learning more about De....Barb. Thanks for playing! Glad you're back. Shaniqua.

the only daughter said...

Grand list. Love the bits about the pups & the music. I too endured both ...oops, maybe I shouldn't say. I've got my own -tag- to answer.

Good to *see* you! :)

Lucy's Mom said...

Whiskey looks and sounds like a beautiful boy. Goldens are so wonderful. I've had the once-in-a-lifetime dog myself, so I really understand.

Rainwolf said...

Goldens are awesome.

Anonymous said...

OMG that picture! *simper* LOL

Yes I loved our dogs too although I don't remember Whiskey like you do...I had no idea that mom got him as a present the day you were born!? No one ever tells me these things.

Hahn at Home said...

I meant to mention that I took piano lessons for eight weeks before the teacher suggested I find another creative outlet.