December 09, 2007

What's in a blog name???

So my sis over at The Coffee Shop tagged me with a Meme!! I feel so honoured....I don't think I've ever been tagged for one before....or maybe I have and have responded by being a bad blogger and not completing it!!

Truth be told when I come across meme's while surfing the blog kingdom I have to admit that there is something intriguing about them and I enjoy reading others' responses....but when it comes to answering them myself.....7 quirky things about you....7 things people don't know about you....or first reaction is to cringe I seem to hit the brick wall and I suddenly become mute can't come up with a damn thing!!!

But I blog name.....Boo7. I soooooooooooooooooo wish there was a funny story behind it or some touching vignette I could weave into an interesting story....but alas, such is not the case!!

The simple truth of the matter is I've been surfing the internet for longer than I care to remember.......I think I got my first computer in 1994 and I used to be obsessively fixated spend far too much time exploring various chat rooms and then spending days on end entirely too much time in those chat rooms.

Soooooooooooooooo long story short....somewhere along the way, someone, for some strange, long forgotten reason.....gave me the nickname Boo....I have no clue other than that anymore!! Somewhere along the way I added the 7 as that's always been my very favourite number!

So there you have it.....nothing too exciting!! Now inquiring minds want to know.....what's your story???

6 peeps just sayin':

Anonymous said...

(((Boo7))) Thanks the pix!

And oh yes I remember that '94 desktop clunker. Most of what I remember from you that year was the back of your head...and now look at us we all have our own laptops and im each other from the couch.

RED MOJO said...

What the story of your name lacks in complexity, you made up for with imagery. Not to worry. Congrats on your first meme. My favorite number is 7 too.

Hotwire said...

i, too, am a 7 fan (in my case because i am half cherokee and it is a sacred number for us)

Hahn at Home said...

It's a great name - I don't even remember what my chat room name was. You got one up on me!

the only daughter said...

Intriguing. Never spent any real time in any chat noon-line identity until the creation of blog in 2006. I am my name/s.

Attila The Mom said...

I just adore all your graphics!!